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With a heavy heart, Little Bear’s has had to permanently close the out-of-school care provision at our nursery settings.  
Why we made this decision
New Coronavirus measures on society has seen a significant move to home working and as a result, parents’ need for out-of-school provision has reduced substantially. The number of children attending in the Autumn term was lower than in September 2019, and the numbers dwindled thereafter. By October it had become apparent that there was an unsustainably low requirement for the service and it was decided for the Club to close. We served 6-weeks’ notice, to our remaining parents, that the Club was regrettably to close after the Autumn Term.
Club closures, across the country, have been reported as this is a national issue, with those remining open discussing significant fee increases to allow the service to continue.
Our Club opened in 2012 and it is with sadness we had to announce it’s closure. Our thanks go out to all of the families who have used our service over the years; and, our apologies to the handful of parents who have had to make alternative arrangements as a result of the closure

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