The leaves have turned, the breeze is crisp and there is a chill in the air. Autumn is here, and seeing our little ones in hats, gloves and a scarf makes us feel all warm inside. With the beautiful colours and fresh air right on our doorsteps, autumn is a great time to get outside and explore, and we are right there with you, with suggestions to make the most of the season of colours.


Autumn Leaf Trees

This very simple activity encourages children of all ages to get out there and select all the elements they need to create their very own autumnal trees. You just need card, paint and nature itself! Children can choose their own twigs and leaves on an outdoor adventure and then come inside to create their very own trees. 

Autumn Scavenger Hunt:

Autumn is the best season to get outside and smell the excitement in the air – Halloween bonfire night and the crisp air.

Everyone loves walks at this time of year and the treasures to be found will not disappoint! Get those wellies on, find some autumnal gems and create some crafting memories!