Over the Summer months the garden at Little Bear’s in Wanstead Village has been totally transformed by our very own “Builder Joe” who has made all the equipment bespoke to our children’s interests and needs., enabling the environment to extend our children’s learning and development.

Our new garden boasts a brand new potion station with our very own supply of home grown herbs; a gated area for our mud kitchen where our children can explore independently.  Loose parts, where our children can create and think critically, enabling them to make links between ideas and develop strategies for doing things, as well as allowing them to use their senses in hands-on exploration of different materials and working as a team.

One of our children’s requests was for a bug hotel and wormery which encourages them to use there vocabulary and discuss their findings.  This has been a huge hit with the little ones as they get to watch the critters and all the wriggly worms!

We’ve also included a huge, custom built, quiet area and sensory den that can be enjoyed by all ages. This are is particularly good at creating shadows from the sun as it shines through our coloured shaped windows.

Our purpose built climbing wall enhances our children’s physical development, using their skills to climb and jump; and a performing stage for our little extroverts to sing and dance to “twinkle twinkle” and many a rendition of “Let it Go”. It has also been used for our graduation ceremony.

We’re thrilled with the new developments and hope that both parents current and prospective will see this investment as a significant benefit to their child’s time at Little Bears.