October has been a busy month for the little bears across all of our settings.  We’ve had spooky goings on, harvest festival fun, fundraising for Cancer Research and lots of creative activities.

Learning about primary colours

Our little ones have been learning about the primary colours and exploring what happens when they mix different colours together. The children have also been using their number skills when playing with the cars measuring how far the car travels when they push it on a flat surface and when they push it from a ramp, they have then been using the rulers to measure how far it goes and writing down the numbers they see on the ruler.

Halloween Fun

Our little bear cubs have turned into spooky creatures for Halloween. We have had potion making, pumpkin carving, exploding pumpkins and lots more. The children and the staff had spooktacular fun dressing up in their favourite outfits as we encouraged the children to come in dressed in what there favourite character was or just a favourite outfit that they had at home, They really enjoyed talking about what they had dressed up as and also enjoyed some dancing games in the afternoon.

Cancer Research fundraising

On Friday 22nd of October, Little Bears East Village wore pink for the day and raised money for cancer research and made some lovely art work to take home.

We are very pleased to announce we raised £66.00. Thank you to everyone who contributed for this great cause.

New water wall at Little Bear’s in Elephant Central

The children at Little Bear’s Elephant Central really enjoyed exploring our new water wall that we have had installed recently! They enjoyed pumping the water and all showed very good turn taking, the children also explored attaching a variety of different tools to explore the way that the water travels.

All of our preschool were very excited to begin exploring the water wall and we look forward to seeing how the toddlers and babies explore too!

Multicultural Day 

Lots of children and staff came in clothes representing where they come from. There was some yummy food from around the world to try as well as lots of arts and crafts to take home, such as painting a large world and linking hands together and flags from around the world.

We were also very lucky to receive Chinse gift bags with a good luck message inside.

We also did lots of dancing with lots of different music from around the world

Harvest Festival

We celebrated Harvest Festival and spoke about helping other families. Our wonderful families donated an amazing amount of items which will help so many!!

The children in our Yogi room have enjoyed ‘’feeding the farm’’ they have been exploring different foods using their senses and exploring different textures while feeding their favourite animals