The Little Bear’s management team is thrilled to announce the roll-out of iConnect and ParentZone across the Little Bear’s Nursery settings.
The Award-Winning and super safe software will enable key workers to create and update a child’s development report and record at the touch of a button, whilst parents will be able to access the information and updates in real-time in a way most convenient for them.

iConnect will allow our team more time to spend with our little Bear Cubs, whilst still keeping up our levels of communication and openness with parents. The ParentZone App works hand in hand with iConnect to allow busy parents the ability to keep up to date with their child’s progress and development direct from their smartphones.

All data stored in both iConnect and ParentZone is protected to the highest possible standard and is stored in high-security data centres right here in London, or Reading.

Compliant with ISO9001 and the Data Protection Act 1999, all data is protected by above-average HTTPS and is protected by TLS certificates when in transfer. Should the worst happen and the data centres are subject to a terror attack or natural disaster the extensive disaster recovery plan will ensure all of our sensitive data is recovered within 4 hours.

The whole team is incredibly excited about this development with roll out starting at The Green now, with Seagry Road and East Village following in January.